Reflecting On The Video

Reflecting On The Video „In the pre-industrial era, leadership centred around the leader and related values such as honour, prestige and authority: qualities which were not open to debate.”* Three Tips For Being A Dutiful Leader 1. Know What Truly Matters. 2. Never Forget The Privilege You Have. 3. Know Your Duties (And Do Them […]

Upend the pyramid

Upend the pyramid Purpose Consider what a servant leadership model might look like. Brief Many leaders can find themselves focusing too much time and attention on pleasing their bosses, and not enough time focusing on their team. Instructions: Rewrite your org chart with you at the bottom and your team at the top. How might […]

Living A Dutiful Life

Dutiful® is Beautiful Purpose Trial living a dutiful® life. Brief Redefine the word ‘duty’ as to be Dutiful® As discussed in the video, I really want to encourage you to try to rethink/reframe the word duty, to consider the benefits of living dutifully and to explore its potential impact to your life. To help you […]

Bonus: Deloitte’s Old Rules Vs New Rules

Bonus: Deloitte’s Old Rules Vs New Rules As leaders, it is important to be adaptable and flexible and to continually do the work necessary to develop ourselves and our capabilities. However, to be truly successful as leaders we need to always keep an eye on the bigger picture, and the changing expectations that are placed […]

Bonus: Three Questions To Ask Each Day

Bonus: Three Questions To Ask Each Day On Servant Leadership: A ‘Soldier’s 5’* The phrase “servant leadership” was first coined by Robert Greenleaf in his essay ‘The Servant as a Leader’ (published way back in 1970). The Academy of Management found that when bosses acted as “servants” to their employees (in a study actually within […]