Decision Management Framework

Decision Management Framework Purpose To assess whether a framework will improve your decision making. Brief Consider a real challenge, with important consequences immediately or in the future. Cast an eye over the Decision Framework below to help with the decision process. This framework designed as a guide only, the core process I used to make […]

Creating A Culture of Pushing Decisions Down the Chain

Creating A Culture of Pushing Decisions Down the Chain Purpose Empower teams for faster and better decisions. Brief Empower your team – and fully support them – to make decisions. Why? Too often across industries, I see organisations incapacitated by their inability to make decisions. I suspect, fundamentally, people feel unsupported. If they make a […]

Bonus: Encouragement To Get Diverse

Bonus Challenge: Encouragement To Get Diverse Research shows that teams make better decisions than individuals (66% of the time) and the more diverse the team, the better the decisions. This holds true for executive decision making too. Diverse teams make better decisions up to 87% of the time. 0 % All Male Teams 0 % […]