Reflecting On The Video

Reflecting On The Video Tasks Clarity is the most serious communication problem in business Ron Dulek University of Alabama

Use The SMEAC Framework

Use The SMEAC Framework Purpose Trial using a framework to improve your communications, particularly at the planning and briefing stage. Brief Miscommunication in business is rife – there are so many areas where it can fall down. The reality for most of us is that we are time poor. And that means we can get […]

Information Audit

Information Audit According to Statista roughly 281 billion emails were sent and received in 2018 each day. By 2022 they expect it to reach 350 billion per day. Purpose Examine and improve your team’s habitual communications. Brief The average office worker receives somewhere between 90-120 emails per day, and sends around 40. [1] That means […]

Bonus: Get Off The Treadmill

Bonus: Get Off The Treadmill The balance between talking and action is a hard one to juggle. Spend a few minutes looking at the table below and thinking about how much time you and your team spend using what Ann Latham describes as ‘Treadmill Verbs’ rather than ‘Destination Verbs’. Treadmill Verbs Treadmill verbs can invite […]

Bonus: Common Communication Pitfalls

Bonus: Common Communication Pitfalls “Two of the biggest communication problems I’ve seen are waffling and being too abstract: 1.) Waffling can be easily managed by the “power of three,” which focuses on the three key points they want their listeners to remember 2.) Being too abstract can be solved by adding practical examples and by using […]

Bonus: Cues From Elon Musk

Bonus: Cues From Elon Musk Elon Musk is CEO of electric vehicle company Tesla, aerospace company SpaceX and tunnelling venture The Boring Company. Ruthless Productivity Tips from Elon Musk’s Message To Tesla Employees: Stop big meetings: “Get [out] of all large meetings, unless you’re certain they are providing value to the whole audience, in which […]