Challenge: Cut Out The Excuses

Challenge: Cut Out The Excuses Purpose Eliminate excuses when it comes to delegation. Really talented people who have lots of ideas and are likely to become leaders tend to have trouble with delegation… It’s because they have really high standards and want to make sure everything is done right Laura Gail Lunsford DesPh.D., Assistant Professor […]

Challenge: Delegate Something

Challenge: Delegate Something Purpose To put delegation theory into practice. Brief When you become a leader, peddling faster isn’t the answer. I want you to assess what’s on your plate and to find something to delegate. The purpose of the delegation we are after here is two-fold – to free up your time, and to […]

Bonus: Three Things To Watch Out For When Delegating

Bonus Section Three Things To Watch Out For When Delegating (AKA Just Because People Say ‘Yes’ It Doesn’t Mean That They Mean It)​ Ever been in a situation where you awkwardly heard the telling of an inappropriate joke. Did you or someone else laugh awkwardly in response, then leave. Just because people laugh, doesn’t mean […]